As we all know snow is a big deal in the UK. Usually unexpected and causing lots of excitement to everyone.

While the wintry weather is set to cause travel problems, with a third of flights from Heathrow already cancelled and motorists put on an amber alert for snow on the roads and wintry driving conditions, others have been able to get out and enjoy the freezing weather.

This cold snap has already seen daytime temperatures plummet four or five degrees lower than average for February – traditionally the chilliest month of the year.

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Bianca Fosker

Bianca Bosker is the Senior Tech Editor at The Huffington Post.

She actually co-founded The Huffington Post’s Tech section, which she helped launch in 2009 and has both overseen and written for since.

She writes about  consumer technology, social media, web companies, business, and the cultural aspects of technology, among other topics.She also created The Huffington Post’s Women in Tech series, which has featured her profiles of leading female pioneers, including Google executive Marissa Mayer, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior, and Ruchi Sanghvi, the first female engineer at Facebook. Read More →

The philosopher Alain de Botton and author of “The author of The Architecture of Happiness”  says:

“Happiness is normally seen as the outcome of success in certain areas: in love, work, friendships, your environment and the feeling that your society is moving in roughly the right direction.

But if we drill beneath that, what is it about love that is supposed to be so happiness-inducing? I think it’s partly about being understood, for the things that you feel the need to be understood, and that is quite tricky to understand. Read More →

Demi Moore

The buzzing about the couple’s separation started on Friday when was their sixth wedding anniversary and they were spotted on different events.

Moore was in New York promoting her Lifetime movie Five along with some famous friends. Kutcher, meanwhile, was seen partying with his former That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson at San Diego, Calif., nightclub The Fluxx – after which, according to the current buzz, he spent the night with hitherto-anonymous San Diego blonde Sara Leal. Daily Mail reported that the 23-old girl has deleted all of her social network accounts. Read More →


The official Twitter account of the footballer Rio Ferdinand. His tweets are his own, not a PR activity.


Some really interesting tweets coming from his Twitter feed. It would be great if you know Spanish as well.


Rainn Wilson is an American actor and comedian. He calls his fans on Facebook idiots, but we’ve notices that he’s nicer on Twitter. And funny.

Now we will all have records of our lives. On the annual conference f8 Facebook announced the news as a revolutionary change that came to save our lives and the memories we keep from it. What made you angry in February 2009? You don’t mind anymore, but Facebook remembers everything and it will remind you. You can “scroll” all your life and follow your Facebook activities from the moment you set up you account.  Another feature of the Timeline is that users can easily track who of their friends stopped following them. Read More →

It looks like the battle’s started today. Or it’s probably over. In the same day Google “opened doors” to everyone who wants to sign up for their young social network, while Facebook has retooled their wall and are trying to attract people’s attention. And the biggest surprise for everyone – the first real ad on the Google homepage is now live – an animated arrow pointing the Google+ button on the left top of the page. Aggressive, isn’t it?

Google even offered a number of new Google+ features, such as turning Hangouts into a bona fide broadcast platform. The search giant even added “you guessed it” search to the service. No doubt the next few months will be crucial for the future of Google+. Is it the new disappointment on the Google’s social networking front? Or is it a really huge innovative giant that will change the social media world? We don’t know yet.

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Big Brother is not the same anymore. The Playboy model Pamela Anderson entered the house in a silver mini-dress and promised “I’m going to leave a skid mark on every one of them.”

It was a surprise not only for the housemates, but also for the public. And if Big Brother producers expected it to become a big deal, we couldn’t find many people excited about Pam’s appearance.

“Big Brother host Brian Dowling announced her arrival on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother live final, as viewers watched her enter the diary room in typically over-sexualised Pammy style, flicking her hair and pouting her best ‘look I’m still sexy’ look” reported Huffington Post. Read More →